About Us

Established in 1998, SkiData Parking Systems Limited (“SkiData”) is the exclusive supplier of SKIDATA GmbH range of car and event access control equipment in Hong Kong and Macau. Since the introduction of the SKIDATA brand, SkiData has been selected as the access control solution provider by many renowned property owners, car park operators, Government departments and related organizations.


SkiData specializes in total access control solution, from provision of SkiData parking systems, integration of peripheral equipment and management software, to installation and maintenance services, to meet the diverse requirements of different car parks. It strives to be at the forefront of technology and actively seeks out opportunities for new developments and product enhancements that highly improve the operational efficiency and customer conveniences.


SkiData is the pioneer in adopting Electronic Payment System (E-Payment) for payment of parking charge in Hong Kong. It was the first company in Hong Kong to integrate the Octopus Card and Credit Card payment methods to car park access control system. Furthermore, the first Centralized Control System, Redemption Management System, Car Searching System and Pre-booking System, which includes the first the mobile phone App for car parking application in Hong Kong.


  • Carpark Access Control System (CACS)
  • License Plate Recognition System (LPRS)
  • Long-Rang RFID System
  • Centralized Management System (CMS)
  • Bay Guidance System (BGS)
  • Car Searching System (CSS)
  • Mobile APP Redemption and Payment System
  • Pre-booking/Parking Space Reservation System
  • Contactless/Ticketless Solutions
  • Multi-function Self-Service Kiosk
  • Video Analytic Solutions