SkiData Administration Unit/Pay Station

The Administration Unit/Pay Station is the central component of Parking Management System.


Controlled via a central computer, it provides a comprehensive range of functions for monitoring and controlling all peripheral devices, as well as wide-ranging options for administering and evaluating various operational data. The operating mode (Pay Station mode or Administration Unit mode) can be switched at the touch of a button. Tickets are processed via a separate Coder connected to the central computer.

  • Clearly structured, easy-to-use graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Plain-text system messages for instant system status overview
  • Application-specific keyboard
  • Quality-assured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards
  • Supported means of payment include cash, invoice, cheque, standard credit or debit cards, various City Cards, as well as system-based Time/Cash Debit Cards and manual payment methods
  • System supports redeeming of short-term parking validations
  • System-based Cash Debit Cards and supported City Cards can be recharged as needed
  • Production of all system-based parking tickets, debit cards and special purpose cards
  • Issuing and processing of parking tickets on keycards
  • Support for special sales, receipt printing and issuing of replacement tickets
  • Special functions for operator shift administration and cash flow