Flex.Gate ‘Event’

The newly designed Flex.Gate not only looks good, but it also reads multiple types of access media and boasts simple maintenance. In addition, Flex.Gate adjusts to your needs with a customized configuration of modules and can be retrofitted at any time- all of this delivered with time-tested SKIDATA quality.

  • Completely redesigned, ergonomic device
  • Rugged turnstile with resistance against water and a wide temperature range
  • Support of various barcode- and RFID-based data carriers (optional)
  • High-resolution 7"-display (800×480) for showing graphics and videos - ideal for advertising and other applications
  • Fully integrated into SKIDATA’s Handshake.Logic
  • Durable aluminum casing – suitable for outdoor use without extra weather protection
  • High-resolution display with built-in brightness control
  • A powerful acoustic signal generator
  • Easy manual adjustment thanks to three preset locking positions (entrance, exit, middle)