SkiData Easy.Cash

The pay-on-foot station Easy.Cash features a compact, burglar-proof, handicapped accessible design. The device can be wall-mounted or installed on a support pedestal. User guidance is provided in the form of a colour graphics display and illuminated pictograms. Special options are provided to allow for coin and banknote counting in various combinations. Change is dispensed from self-refilling compact hoppers and, optionally, self-refilling banknote cassettes. An additional two coin hoppers for change dispensing may be installed; these may be ordered separately.

• Straightforward design of the control elements
• Operator guidance via graphic-colour display and illuminated pictograms
• Language change-over possible anytime
• Single ticket processing slot for barcode tickets and magnetic stripe cards, receipt issuing, direct thermal printing of tickets/cards; simultaneous processing of up to two tickets (e.g. payment by means of debit card) depending on the type of coder
• Built-In 125kHz/13MHz hands-free technology provides support of contactless keycards
• Issuing of up to 3000 receipts
• Simple handling of operational procedures

All cash storage components are optionally lockable. In combination with Coder Unlimited, Easy.Cash can accept standard credit cards, debit cards, as well as several City Cards, customer cards and systembased value cards in various formats (barcoded, magnetic stripe and RFID-based cards) through the same intake slot, thanks to
SKIDATA™ „Single-Slot“ technology. Country-specific payment terminal-solutions can be included in the lower area of the Payment machine.
• Compact and modern design
• Optional SKIDATATM pedestal and wall mounting
• Mounting plate for attachment of Payment-terminal