SkiData Credit.Cash

The pay-on-foot station Credit.Cash is optimised for cashless payments and features a compact design, which can perfectly be integrated in parking facilities using Easy.Cash. The device can be wall-mounted (handicapped accessible) or installed on a support pedestal. User guidance is provided in the form of a colour graphics display and illuminated pictograms.

• Straight-forward design of the control elements
• Operator guidance via graphic-colour display and illuminated pictograms
• Language change-over possible anytime
• Single ticket processing slot for barcode tickets and magnetic stripe cards, receipt issuing, direct thermal printing of tickets/cards;
• simultaneous processing of up to two tickets (e.g. payment by means of debit card) depending on the type of coder
• Built-In 125kHz/13MHz hands-free technology provides support of contactless keycards
• Issuing of up to 3000 receipts
• Simple handling of operational procedures

In combination with Coder Unlimited, Easy.Cash can accept standard credit cards, debit cards, as well as several City Cards, customer cards and system-based value cards in various formats (barcoded, magnetic stripe and
RFID-based cards) through the same intake slot, thanks to SKIDATA™ „Single-Slot“ technology.

• Compact and modern design
• Socket- and wall mounting frame optional
• Mounting plate e.g. for attachment of country-specific EMC-terminal