SkiData Barrier.Gate

The parking barrier unit is installed in combination with a parking column at the entrance and exit points of parking areas. The barrier is the actual access control device of the Parking System. It can also be used as an OEM product in combination with other systems.



The design was nominated for the Austrian National Design Award by Austrian Design Institute (Österreichisches Institut für Formgebung) Design won Hanover Industry Forum Design Award.


  • Geared motor with integrated frequency converter control; 230 V/115 V supply current
  • Self-locking gearing
  • Barrier arm (illuminated and non-illuminated versions): Sturdy fiberglass design; elliptic profile
  • Opening time approx. 1.5 secs at 90° opening angle
  • Jointed barrier arm available for locations with restricted overhead clearance.
  • Contactless switches at terminal positions of the barrier arm
  • Integrated barrier breakage detection
  • Durable casing fabricated from impact-resistant plastic with aluminum colored lacquer coating; floor stand manufactured from ALU
  • No special tools required for installation of barrier arm, Service and maintenance-free installation
  • Quality-assured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards

Standard Version

  • Barrier unit features built-in frequency converter control array, column top, tubular support frame, three-phase motor, crank drive, integrated barrier motor control, barrier arm support, mounting platform, and connecting rods for secure installation
  • Barrier control board sd521; 2 inputs and 2 outputs



  • Elliptical-profile standard barrier arm (w/ or w/o illumination) fabricated from yellow-colored glass fiber reinforced plastic; length up to 2.8 m (110¼ in); unit comes complete with barrier arm support, built-in breakage sensor
  • Jointed barrier arm (w/o illumination) fabricated from yellow-colored glass fiber reinforced plastic; length up to 2.15 m (84.6 in); internal shafts; unit comes complete with barrier arm and tension assembly; the standard height of barrier arm joint 2.07 m (81½ in) above ground
  • Barrier arm support with ejector; crash guard; chassis lock
  • Installation of two-loop detectors for vehicle and passage direction detection
  • Built-in safety light barrier input provides added security for pedestrians
  • Warning light for barrier movements
  • Extension board sd529 with 6 additional inputs and outputs; additional SIO (e.g. for bidirectional lanes with one barrier only) and operation mode switch