SkiData Ticketless

In the classic “Ticketless” configuration, conventional paper short-term parking tickets and RFID frequent-parker cards are replaced by the license plate as the access medium. The barrier at the entrance ensures the highest reading accuracy and also prevents an exit through the entrance lane. If desired, an entry and/or exit column can be added as an interaction point with the customer, for example, as an audiovisual advertising medium or for an intercom system.

Payments and validations can be made at the automated payment machines, the manual cash desks, the handheld solution Mobile.Gate, or at the optional exit column. The exit barrier automatically opens for already paid parking transactions.




The “Frictionless” solution is similar to the Ticketless configuration, but differs in that no entry barrier is required. The prerequisite for a barrier-free entry is an according traffic routing to prevent an exit through the entrance lane.



The “Ticket Reduced” configuration combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a ticketless system, complemented by the operational efficiency and reliability of a ticket-based system. If a license plate is not readable at the entrance, a backup ticket is automatically issued in order to ensure the smoothest operation possible.
The same occurs in the event that the license plate recognition system is out of operation. Payments and validations are processed in the same manner as for the “Ticketless” and “Frictionless” configurations. Once payment has been made, the exit barrier opens automatically. An exit column is therefore only required if payment at the exit is desired.