SkiData Power.Gate

As the main controlling unit at entrance and exit gates, the parking column is designed to process data carriers in the form of barcode tickets and magnetic stripe cards as well as contactless data carriers (i.e., keycards). All tickets are processed through the same slot. The transceiver unit for contactless data transfer is integrated into the front panel of the column top.


High-class materials and salient feautures blend elegantly into all types of architecture. Bi-directional video communication guarantees optimal customer support. The user interface has been optimized by experts in terms of its look and sound to ensure positive user experiences.



  • One ticket slot for different data carriers, including magnetic tickets, direct thermal printing of short-term parking tickets and tickets; simultaneous processing of up to two tickets (e.g., payment by value or credit
    card); prepared for smartcard reader
  • 13-MHz/125-kHz keymotion™ module for processing contactless KeyCards, integrated into the front panel
  • Thermostat-controlled heating/ventilation
  • SKIDATA™ intercom system, including call button
  • Ticket bin for up to 5,000 fanfold ticket blanks
  • Ticket shortage sensor; tray for retained, defective, invalidated, and blocked tickets (max. capacity at entrance terminal: 150 tickets, at exit terminal: 2,000 tickets)
  • The device is weather-resistant, thanks to high-quality materials (e.g., aluminum)
  • Quality assurance in accordance with ISO 9001
  • The device complies with all relevant regulations and guidelines
  • Self-explanatory arrangement of control elements
  • Large, illuminated ticket request button on entrance column terminal; flashes when active
  • Illuminated cancel/receipt button on exit column terminal
  • Display for user guidance
  • Maintenance-friendly design, lockable swivel door, hinged front panel, top cover; no tools required for replacing Coding Unit
  • Additional mounting plate for a card reader, key switch, camera, etc.